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Skuttle Air Filters

Skuttle Air Filters

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With a greater need for high quality filter products for high efficiency air systems, is dedicated to providing customers with the filters they need. That is why we offer replacement furnace filters designed to fit Skuttle air cleaners. Made of high quality electrostatic filter media, these filters come with deep pleats for greater dust-capturing capacity, which not only means a smoother running furnace but also a better breathing environment. We also offer impregnated carbon filters, which are designed to trap odor particles, creating fresher, cleaner air. Housed in a sturdy frame and with special foam gasketing, these filters are made to last and to keep your system more efficient by reducing the amount of air bypass.

Skuttle is a company that has always placed concern on indoor air quality. In fact, the company’s history expands nearly 100 years ago to when John L. Skuttle was producing humidification products in 1917. In 1935 the company was purchased by Milton Powers, and it began to grow significantly, quickly becoming a renowned name in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning industry. Today it is still recognized as a brand that can be trusted to deliver high quality air products.

We also carry Skuttle Humidifier Filters.