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Air Bear Furnace Filters

Air Bear Furnace Filters

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In business since 1947, Trion Air Bear has made itself an international provider of home air solutions. They strive to provide an indoor environment that is safe, clean, and comfortable. For this environment, Trion Air Bear produces top quality furnace filters. These filters are designed to remove harmful air pollutants that not only damage your heating and air conditioning system but that also trigger allergies and asthma and contribute to harmful health problems. These filters are a great solution for home filtration that results in premium indoor air quality! They provide superior filtration and feature the following key attributes: top quality filtration, pleated electrostatic design, and better protection for the air system and for the home breathing environment.

We also offer a number of the Trion Air Bear filters in a low cost, aftermarket replacement. These filters are built to the same specifications as the original filters, and fit the same models and units as the original filters.