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Faucet Systems & Filters

Brita Crystal Quest Culligan 3M Filtrete DuPont PUR

Faucet Systems and Filters

You no longer have to worry about drinking from your tap water. With a faucet filtration system, drinking water straight from the faucet is like drinking clean, crisp and refreshing mountain stream water! Try a faucet filtration system today and see the difference in better tasting drinking water!

The quality of drinking water, though relatively healthy, is rarely top quality. Water treatment centers treat water with chlorine, which leaves an unpleasant taste and smell. Well water, which generally tastes better than city water, frequently contains sediments and metals. Also, sometimes pathogens like cryptosporidium can go through water treatment, and drinking this contaminant in large quantities can cause health problems; it can cause a gastrointestinal disease that can be fatal, especially in vulnerable victims like infants, elderly people, and people with severe health problems or weak immune systems.

By using a faucet filtration system, you can avoid hazards from drinking water, and to top it off, you will have better tasting water that is healthy and rejuvenating! A faucet mount is a unit that attaches directly to your faucet and filters the water as it comes out of the tap. Most can be installed directly into the faucet with no special tools required. Some families have switched to bottled water for drinking, but bottled water can be costly and is not environmentally friendly; also, this does not solve the problem of cooking with unpurified water.

Types of Faucet Filters

We offer several different brands for faucet filtration systems:


We offer a 2-stage and a 3-stage PUR water filtration system. Each system has a filter that removes heavy sediments like dirt, silt, and sand. The next stage is an activated carbon microfilter that reduces sediment, chlorine taste and odors, chlorination by-products, and agricultural and industrial pollutants. It removes 99.9% of microbial cysts, cryptosporidium, and giardia. The 3-stage filter offers an additional filtration media that filters water over minerals for a crisp, refreshing taste.


DuPont faucet filtration systems are designed with 4 stages of filtration that work together to remove 99.99% of microbial cysts, cryptosporidium, and giardia. These filters help to reduce contaminants like asbestos, pesticides, lead, mercury, and other toxic chemicals.


Culligan faucet systems contain advanced filtration specifically designed to decrease cryptosporidium, giardia cysts, sediment, lead, and chlorine tastes and odors. These filters are easy to install, no tools required, and they provide great tasting water for an affordable price!

Crystal Quest

Crystal Quest faucet filters use 5 stages of filtration to remove contaminants from the water. The first stage is a pre filter that removes suspended particles like silt, sediment, cysts, sand, rust, and dirt. Next a granulated activated carbon filter reduces chlorine, bad tastes and odors; it also reduces pesticides and chemicals linked to cancer. The third stage uses ion exchange to reduce heavy metals like lead, copper, and aluminum. The fourth stage uses a special antimicrobial solution to reduce dissolved metals, bacterial growth like algae and fungi, and microorganisms. The final stage is a post filter that catches any other suspended contaminants.


We offer several Brita faucet filters, but all of them are designed to remove basically the same contaminants. Each of these filters is designed to remove 98.7% of lead and to reduce sediment, chlorine, and other chemicals. They are great for delivering fresher tasting clean water.