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Whole House Water Filter Systems

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Whole House Water Systems

Water—it is sustaining, nourishing, replenishing, and comforting. We cannot live without it, but we can live without polluted water. The water coming into our homes is not always clean and pure; though it may not be dangerous, water still contains impurities. Different places have different water and different problems. For example, some water may be hard, some polluted with chemicals, minerals, or sediment. There are numerous possible problems with tap water, but there is a way to have pure, clean water that is better tasting and better for your health and comfort. That solution is whole house water filtration.

Whole house water systems are specially designed to filter water coming into the house. A whole house water filter system, also known as a point-of-entry system (POE), is the most beneficial of all the water filter systems. It is installed directly into the main water line. Thus, it filters all the water in the house, including washing machine, shower, and kitchen water.

A whole house water system purifies water efficiently and cost-effectively, making it a viable solution for anyone who wants higher quality water supply. Whole house systems usually require professional installation. They tend to be a bit more expensive than most faucet, countertop, and under sink filters. Although they may require more effort, they are extremely beneficial to you and your family’s health when it comes to your indoor water supply.

Water Systems by Brand

InSinkErator Water System and Filters

InSinkErator is the world’s leading producer of food waste disposers and instant hot water dispensers for home and commercial use. They manufacture the F-201 Instant Hot Water Dispenser Filtration System. This system is designed specifically for instant hot water dispensers. Not only is the system easy and quick to install, but its design automatically shuts off water when the cartridge is removed.

Two carbon-based filters, the F-201R and the F-601R, are designed to fit this system. The F-201R filter reduces chlorine taste and odors, providing fresher, cleaner, tastier water. The F-601R filter removes the same contaminants but has the additional advantage of reducing lead, mercury, asbestos, cysts, and chemicals. Both filters should be replaced every 6-12 months (replacement can vary depending on the amount of contaminants present in the water). However, each comes in a 2-pack of replacement cartridges, which can mean lower replacement costs.

DuPont Water Systems

  • DuPont Universal Complete Home Filtration Kit CH2 Series – This whole house filtration system uses a 2-phase carbon wrap filter to remove particles like soil, silt, and other particles. It effectively reduces chlorine taste and odor. The kit also comes with a valve that allows for quick replacement without shutting off water.
  • DuPont Universal Complete Home Filtration Kit CH1 Series – This kit includes the Universal Drinking Water Filtration System DW130009W, which uses a carbon block filter to remove particles in water, as well as chlorine taste and odor. The kit also includes the Universal Whole House Filtration System (WFPF1300 Series), which uses a poly block filter to remove the same contaminants. These filters work to improve the overall taste and clarity of household water.
  • DuPont Universal Valve-In-Head Whole House Filtration System PF2800 Series – This whole house filtration system contains a 2-phase carbon wrap filter and is specifically designed to significantly reduce the amount of sediment in water. A special valve allows for cartridge replacement without shutting off water.
  • DuPont Universal Heavy Duty Whole House Filtration System HD1300 Series – This system, designed to filter water throughout the whole house, uses a pleated poly cartridge to filter a broad range of sediment concentrations. One-inch inlets and outlets allow for greater water flow.

Aqua Pure Water Systems

  • AP510 Aqua Pure POU Drinking Water System – This undersink drinking water system is perfect for the kitchen or bathroom. Using an activated carbon filter, this system reduces sediment, chlorine taste/odor, and scale. It comes with a built-in valve for fast and easy replacements.
  • AP200 Aqua Pure Compact Undersink Filter System – Designed of compact design to save space, this undersink filter system is an economical choice for better quality water. Using an activated carbon filter media, this filter system reduces sediment, particulates, and chlorine taste and odors.
  • AP903 Aqua Pure Whole House Filter System – This whole house water filtration system is designed to filter an entire house and is great for larger homes or small commercial applications. Ideal for well and/or city water systems, this system filters out sediment, dirt, rust, and chlorine taste/odor.
  • AP902 Aqua Pure Whole House Filter System – Also large capacity, this system is designed for large homes and small commercial applications. Ideal for well applications, this system reduces sediment, dirt, and rust.